Bang Bao Fishing Village on Koh Chang

Bang Bao Fisherman Village was once the main fishing village on Koh Chang island where all the fisherman would come in with their catch of the day. Now Bang Bao is still one of the most popular tourist destinations of Koh Chang

Bang Bao should really just be called Bang Bao Pier. There are a few fisherman that still moor their boats at the pier but most of the boats at Bang Bao Pier are actually used for taking tourists out for scuba diving, snorkeling or island hoping boat trips to the neighbouring islands like Koh Rang, Koh Mak or Koh Kood.

Bang Bao Pier has a stretch of 350 meters of undercover market place before it opens up to the pier where the boats are moored.

The markets at Bang Bao Pier sell all the stuff you would find in any other tourist markets in Thailand. Loads of arts and crafts, jewellery, paintings, clothing, sunglasses etc.

Mixed amongsts all the small stalls are some really good Seafood restaurants which are really worth visiting. The seafood may be a bit more expensive than what you can find in other restaurants on Koh Chang but the prices are still cheap and the restaurants offer great views over Bang Bao Bay.

Light house at Bang Bao Fishing Village

At the end of the pier is the Bang Bao Fishing Village Lighthouse, a small lighthouse which is great for that photo opportunity.

There are still some fisherman and local villages who live at Bang Bao with their unique wooden houses built upon the pier above the water.

From the Bang Bao Pier will have a good chance to see the graceful The Osprey birds which are large raptor hunting birds with a huge wing span of up to 1.8 meters. You will see these amazing birds gliding around in circles, catching wind currents to stay in the air as the scope the water looking for prey to swoop down and snatch out of the sea. There are also some smaller White Bellied Sea-Eagles which are a common site around Bang Bao Bay.

Getting to Bang Bao Fishing Village

It is really easy to get to Bang Bao Village from anywhere on Koh Chang. There are small taxi vans which you climb into the back. Just flag down the driver when you see the white pick-up trucks with the taxi sign on the roof. Tell them you want to go to Bang Bao and they will tell you the price. If you are coming from White Sand Beach they will probably ask for 250 or 300 Baht but you should be able to talk them down a bit. From White Sand Beach it will take around 35 - 40 minutes to get to Bang Bao Fishing Village.

From Khlong Prao Beach area they will ask for 200 baht and the ride will take around 25 minutes.

From Lonely Beach it is only around 10 minutes drive to Bang Bao Fishing Village. The taxi drivers will ask for around 50 - 70 Baht.

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The markets at Bang Bao Fishing Village Koh Chang Traditional fishing houses at Bang Bao Fishing Village Koh Chang The view over Bang Bao Bay

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