Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand is a major city with a population of over 9 million people. Over 12 million visitors travel to Bangkok each year. Bangkok has plenty to offer tourists from the great shopping, cultural sites like the Royal Palace, the countless Buddhist temples, open air markets and really interesting floating markets, to modern day shopping malls selling all sorts of modern fashion and clothing at inexpensive prices.

Check out the most popular tourist attactions in Bangkok:

Grand Palace Bangkok Thailand

Grand Palace

The Grand Palace is the most visited tourist attaction in Bangkok. Home to the Thai Royal family and some of the most important shrines and temples in Thailand. Read more...

Bangkok Floating Markets

Floating Markets

Bangkok's Floating markets are actually located over 1 hour drive from the centre of Bangkok. A series of waterways will markets selling everything from fruit and veg to arts and crafts. Read more.

Chinatown Bangkok


Chinatown in Bangkok is one of the largest Chinatown's in South East Asia. With heaps of cheap, tasty Chinese food, open air markets and the most gold shops in the city. Read more.

Chatuchak Markets Bangkok

Chatuchak Markets

Chatuchak Markets at the largest markets in Bangkok. Located in the north of the city, around 20 minutes on the SkyTrain from the centre of Bangkok.
Read more.

Chao Phraya River Bangkok

Chao Phraya River

Bangkok's Chao Phraya River flows straight through the heart of Bangkok. A working river and also used extensively for transportation around the city.

Khao San Road Bangkok

Khao San Road

Khao San Road is refered to as the backpacker district of Bangkok. With street markets and plenty of cheap cafes, bars and restaurants. Visit during the day or evening. Read more...

Temples of Bangkok

Temples of Bangkok

Bangkok is a Buddhist nation and has some of the most beautiful Buddhist temples in the world. With a Jade Buddha, Golden Buddha, Reclining Buddha and more. Read more....

Best Markets to visit in Bangkok

Dinosaur Planet Bangkok

Dinosaur Planet is a small Dinosaur themed amusement park located on Sukhumvit Rd. With loads of animotronic moving dinosaurs and a few rides Read more....

Best Markets to visit in Bangkok

Best Markets to visit in Bangkok

Bangkok has some great markets to visit. There are some massive open air markets and a few night markets which are worth visiting. Check out the bes markets to visit in Bangkok. Read more....

Koh Kret Island Bangkok

Koh Kret island

Koh Kret is a small island in the middle of the Chao Phraya River around 45 minutes drive north of Bangkok. With more than 20 Buddhist Temples and Pottery village, Koh Kret is a must visit. Read more....

Asiatique Bangkok

Asiatique Shopping

Asiatique is a shopping district down on the Chao Phraya River Bangkok. With thousands of stalls and loads of restaurants and bars, Asitique is one of Bangkok's popular shopping areas.Read more....

Bars and Nightlife in Bangkok

Best Rooftop Bars in Bangkok

Bangkok's Best Rooftop Bars

Bangkok has more rooftop bars than any other city in the world. All classy bars on some of the tallest buildings in Bangkok. Check out the best rooftop bars in Bangkok. Read more....

Best Cocktail Bars in Bangkok

Bangkok's Best Cocktail Bars

If you are looking for an awesome cocktail then there are some truely great bars in Bangkok with some world class mixologist who make your favourite cocktails. Read more....

Best Sports Bars in Bangkok

Bangkok's Best Sports Bars

If you want to watch some live sports in a bar then Bangkok has a great range of very cool sports bars with large TV screens to watch all the action Read more....

Bangkok Restaurant Guide

Bangkok has a huge selection of restaurants. Whether you are looking for the best street food in Bangkok, casual dining or the best fine dining restaurants in Bangkok.

Check out our Bangkok Restaurant Guide

Best Tours of Bangkok

Bangkok's Red Light districts

Whether you agree with it or not, the red light districts of Bangkok are some of the most popular areas to visit in Bangkok. With lively bars, go-go dancers and some very unusual and educational shows inside the bars (ping pong balls, bananas, you name it!). Check out these, the most popular red light districts of Bangkok:

Patpong Road Bangkok

Patpong Road

Patpong Road is the old and most famous red light district of Bangkok. Located within Silom, Bangkok's Financial district. With open air markets everynight and lined with go-go bars, there is plenty to see Read more...

Soi Cowboy Bangkok

Soi Cowboy

Soi Cowboy is located with the Sukuhumvit area, located in a long pedestrian street (called a soi - small lane), lined with go-go bars. Plenty of tourists head to Soi Cowboyto walk down the street at night Read more...

Nana Entertainment Plaza Bangkok

Nana Entertainment Plaza

Nana Entertainment Plaza is also located just off Sukhumvit Road. A self contained, 2 story plaza which is packed with of late night bars, go-go dances, ladyboys and more.


Bangkok has hotels to suit all budget types. From the cheapest backpacker hostel, to some of the most luxurious 5* hotels.


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