Bangkok Flower Market

Pak Khlong Talat is the largest flower markets in Bangkok.

Pak Khlong Talat is located down by the Chao Phraya River close to the Memorial Bridge. The flower markets are open 24 hours a day but the best time to see all the action is very early morning around 5am - 6am when all the flowers arrive and all the florists are here to make their purchase for the day.

The Bangkok Flower Markets sell your normal bunch of flowers which the florists sell but they also do alot of flowers which are used for offerings at the Buddhist temples. Some of the flowers are woven together in rings which are hung at alters or even hung in peoples homes or in the cars around their rear vision mirrors for good luck.

The Bangkok Flower markets have see a downturn in trade in the last few years since the bombings at Erawin Shrine. Since then the Thai Government have been cleaning up the streets and have banned the large number of vendors that sell flowers at the various shrines and temples around Bangkok.

Now only a few registered vendors can sell flowers so the number of people buying flowers at the markets has reduced.

Ceremonial flowers at Bangkok Flower Markets

With the downturn in people selling flowers the number of flower vendors at the Flower markets has also reduced and they have been replaced with vendors selling fresh fruit and vegetables.

The flower markets are not the easiest to get to as there are no BTS Skytrain stations close by. The best way to get to the flower markets is by taxi. The traffic around this district is busy so expect bad traffic.

There are some other of Bangkok's interesting tourists attactions close to the Flower Markets including the Wat Pho Temple and Grand Palace.

Markets at Asiatique Bangkok The boardwalk in front of Asiatique Market Street at Asiatique Bangkok

Check out the location of the Bangkok Flower markets

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