Only in the Lands of Smiles will you see amusing signs like these!

These signs are in the back of some taxis in Bangkok. If a taxi does not have these signs does it mean it is OK to do these things?

Funny sign in taxi in Bangkok Thailand

Funny signs in taxis in Bangkok Thailand

Funny sign in a taxi in Bangkok

Some very good advice. Sign seen in the toilets of a bar close to Nana Plaza

Funny sign in Bangkok Thailand

Well this sign for no smoking is not funny, especially the 2000 Baht fine (that's around US$60). It is the next sign that was next to this sign (below this pic) which is funny.

No smoking sign - not funny

Funny sign in Koh Chang Thailand

20 Baht fine for doing it in the toilets! That's around $0.60. Well atleast one zero had been erased. Not sure if the original fine was 200 Baht ($6) or if it was originally 2000 Baht fine. This sign was seen in a bar in Koh Chang Thailand.

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