Hin Luk Bath dive site Koh Chang

Hin Luk Bath is the name of the most popular dive site round Koh Chang. Hin Luk Bath is a rocky pinnacle dive site. There are loads of large boulders where the fish like to hide. Some of the rock formations allow you to swim inside crevasses and swim out the other side.

Hin Luk Bath is located 3km southwest from Koh Chang. The maximum depth at Hin Luk Bath is 25m though the average depths are around 11 meters. There are lots of sections of sandy bottom.

Average Depth: 11 meters

Dive Experience: All dive types - beginners to advance

Currents: Mostly mild currents so easy swimming conditions. The currents can become stronger.

Hin Luk Bath dive site is the place to come to see turtles around Koh Chang. There are a number of small turtles that live around this area and you have a good chance of seeing them here.

This dive site is also suitable for some great snorkeling. If you are not a diver you can join one of the scuba boat trips here and enjoy some great snorkeling. Swim close to the many rocks near the surface of the water for your chance to see a good variety of fish close by.

Marine Life around Hin Luk Bath Dive site

Marine life around Hin Luk Bath dive site Koh Chang

There is loads of marine life around Hin Luk Bath dive site.

As well as a good chance of seeing turtles you will see loads of the Christmas tree worms attached to the rocks, all in different colours.

There are also large numbers of sea anemone with the anemone fish hiding in their waving tentacles.

On the bottom surface there are lots of black sea urchins which can give a tasty sting, so as always when diving, be careful not to touch the bottom.

Christmas tree worms at Hin Luk Bath Dive Site Sandy bottom and sea urchins at Hin Luk Bath Dive Site Sea Anenome fish at Hin Luk Bath Dive Site

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