Hin Rap North dive site Koh Chang

Hin Rap North is a very easy dive site around 1.5 kilometers off the coast of Khlong Prao Beach on the west coast of Koh Chang Island. The maximum depth of Hin Rap North is 13 meters, though you can swim along at 8 - 10 meters which plenty of soft and hard coral

Average Depth: 8 - 10 meters

Dive Experience: All dive types - beginners to advance

Currents: Mostly mild currents so easy swimming conditions.

The visibility at Hin Rap North can be hit and miss. On some days there is great visibility of 5 - 8 meters. On other days the visibility can be less than 3 meters.

Also the visibility can be different on the different sides of the rock formations. One one side it will be nice and clear and when you swim to the other side of the rocks the visibility can be rubbish

Marine Life around Hin Rap North Dive site

There is not as much fish at Hin Rap North dive site compared to Hin Luk Bath but still enough to make this an interesting dive site.

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