HTMS Chang ship wreck dive site Koh Chang

The HTMS Chang was an old Thai navy ship which was sunk off the coast of Koh Chang specifically to make a new man made reef to attract marine life and attract scuba divers. HTMS Chang is the largest ship wreck dive site in Thailand, with the ship being 100 meters long.

Average Depth: 22 meters

Dive Experience: Advanced Divers

The main deck of the HTMS Chang is at 22 meters depth. This makes this dive site best suited for Advanced Open Water PADI qualified divers. If you are not an Advanced diver you can still dive at this site at the top captains cabin is at 12 meters. The bottom of the ship is at 30 meters.

The HTMS Chang dive site is located 3.5km off the south west coast of Koh Chang island.

If you are completing your PADI Adanced Open Water certification on Koh Chang, you will come to this dive site to do your Deep Dive.

Marine Life around HTMS Chang

Marine life around HTMS Chang dive site Koh Chang

This man made reef has attracted a great diversity of marine life with large schools of fish including barracuda, groupers, batfish, angelfish.

Also hiding along the metal structure of the ship are some octopus and moray eels.

This dive site is one of the best places on Koh Chang for your chance to see the amazing Whale Sharks.

Looking inside HTMS Chang ship wreck Scuba diving HTMS Chang ship wreck HTMS Chang ship wreck diving Koh Chang

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