Khlong Toei Fresh Food Market Bangkok

Khlong Toei Fresh Food Markets is a small market place which specialises in cooked Thai food which is ready to take home and eat. They do have some vendors selling fresh fruit and vegetables but the majority of the vendors are selling cooked food..

The smells at Khlong Toei Markets are amazing with some many different types of cooked Thai food. There are loads of vendors with large bowls filled with Thai curries and stir fries, other vendors with roasted pig and others with freshly baked breads and cakes.

This is one of the great places to come to try some of the best street food in Bangkok. As well as the cooked food you can take home there are also small restaurants here serving up freshly cooked food and it is cheap! You can get a bowl of Thai noodle soup for around 50 Baht.

There are quite a few vendors selling some of my favourite Thai street food - meat on a stick. You will see all types of grill meats, meat balls and fish balls all skewered and grilled on a bbq.

There are also some vendors selling other items like leather handbags, clothings, jewellry and Buddhist statues.

Cooked food at Bangkok Flower Markets

Getting to Klong Toei Fresh Food Market is fairly easy as there is the Khlong Toei MRT underground station just a few minutes walk away.

Cured ham at Khlong Toei Markets Bangkok Thai cakes and sweets at Khlong Toei Markets Bangkok Grilled meat on at stick at Khlong Toei Markets Bangkok

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