Lonely Beach Koh Chang Thailand

Lonely Beach is the 2nd most popular beach to stay at in Koh Chang after White Sand Beach. It is very popular with budget travellers and backpackers are there are loads of cheap accommodation and dodgy hostels (sorry we should say inexpensive!!)

The main section of Lonely Beach is anything but lonely as there are always plenty of people. The main section shouldn't be called a 'beach' as the coastline has no sand but is lined with rocks. This is where all the dodgy (sorry cheap) hostel and backpacker hotels are located. You can get a nice wooden bungalow with great sea views but no white sandy beach to lay on.

There is a nice stretch of white sandy beach about 10 minutes walk north from the main town section of Lonely Beach. This is where you will find the up markets beach resorts like Nature Beach Resort. You don't have to be staying at these resorts to enjoy the beach. You can visit Nature Beach Resort and have lunch and drinks in the restaurant and get a nice spot on the beach.

The main town centre of Lonely Beach is lined with rustic restaurants and bars adorned with pictures of Bob Marlay with live music every night of the week.

Rustic bars at Lonely Beach Koh Chang

There are also loads of street food, arts and crafts stores and an abundance of Tattoo shops to get that really tacky holiday souvenir that will last a lifetime.

Lonely Beach is located around 25 - 30 minutes south of White Sand Beach. A ride in the back of the Koh Chang Taxi pick-up trucks will cost around 150 Baht from White Sand beach.

It is also around 10 minutes away from Bang Bao Fishing Village which is worth a visit to try the fresh seafood restaurants on the Bang Bao Pier.

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Rocky coastline of Lonely Beach Koh Chang The main town centre Lonely Beach Koh Chang

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