Massage on Koh Samet Island Thailand

Like any tourist destination in Thailand, Koh Samet has an abundance of Massage shops and beauty salons where you can get a very cheap massage or body scrub or any beauty treatment at a reasonable price. You can get a Thai massage for 1 hour for 250 Baht. That is around A$9.50 or US$7.

Check out the average prices for massage and other beauty treatments on Koh Samet island:

Thai Massage 1 hour 250 Baht

Foot Massage 1 hour 250 Baht

Aromatherapy Massage 1 hour 300 Baht

Facial Massage 40 minutes 300 Baht

Aloe Vera after sun massage 60 minutes 400 Baht

Back and Head Massage 60 minutes 400 Baht

Thai Herbal Massage 120 minutes 700 Baht

Body Scrub 90 minutes 700 Baht

Foot Scrub - remove all the dead skin from your feet - 300 Baht

Manicure and pedicure 300 Baht

Hair Vitamin 200 Baht

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