Nana Entertainment Plaza Bangkok

Nana Entertainment Plaza, also referred to as NEP or just called Nana's or Nana Plaza is one of the red-light districts of Bangkok. As the sign at the entrance suggests, Nana Entertainment Plaza is The World's largest Adult Playground.

Located on Soi 4 just off Sukhumvit Road. Nana Entertainment Plaza is a 3 story U-shaped building which is packed full of go-go bars, strip clubs, ladyboy bars and beer bars.

At ground level, in the centre of the large court yard are many beer bars which is a good spot to watch all the activities happening in Nana's. Around the outside of the ground floor are more bars with inside areas with pole dancers and go-go dancers.

The upper floors have more of the raunchy activities in Nana Entertainment Plaza. The bars upstairs have all your fun live shows like ping pong shows as well as naked girls dancing on stage. There are over 40 bars in Nana Plaza and several hundred girls all showing off (and a few ladyboys).

Best Bars in Nana Plaza

There is really no use listing the best bars in Nana Plaza as that is always down to personal taste. Each bar has sexy girls, ugly girls and a few fat girls, so something for everybody. There are always the best looking girls standing out the front of each bar in Nana Plaza trying to get guys to go in. There is no entrance fees into the bars but once you sit down you are expected to buy a drink. You can walk in just to have a look around to see if you like it inside. There is nothing wrong with walking inside, having a look and saying no thank you if you dont like it.

Ladyboy Bars in Nana Plaza

Most of the bars have the sexy go-go dancers inside though there are a few ladyboy bars where the girls have something extra inside their bikini bottoms. The ladyboy bars in Nana Plaza include Obsession Bar (on the Ground Floor of Nana Plaza), Cascade Ladyboy Bar (on the 3rd floor) and Tempations Bar (on the 2nd floor of Nana's).

More Bars just outside Nana Plaza

Located on Soi 4, just at the entrance of Nana Plaza is a number of bars with pool tables, large TV screens showing live sports, plenty of bar girls and they serve food. These bars are open from 9am and close around 2am when Nana's closes. One of the best of these bars is the Stumble Inn. Stumble Inn has free WiFi internet access. Stumble Inn has a happy 'hour' from 9am to 8pm with local beers and whisky only 80 Baht.

Stumble Inn at Soi 4 Nana Plaza

These bars along Soi 4 have open fronts which is great for sitting at and watching the people coming and going from Nana Plaza. Also out of the front of these bars you will see the ladyboys hanging around in Soi 4. Some of the other bars along Soi 4 include Morning Night, Zen B and Hillary 4. All open early morning.

Hillary 4 Bar at Soi 4 Nana Plaza

Across the road from Nana Entertainment Plaza is the Nana Hotel. Inside here is the Nana Liquid Nightclub which has very loud music and lots of freelance girls.

The bars in Nana Entertainment Plaza are open until 2am. When the bars close you can cross the street to the carpark in front of Nana Hotel and there are loads of freelance girls hanging out there. If you are looking for a late night bar then just ask one of the girls, they will be happy to accompany you to any of the late night bars in the area which will be open until 5am or 6am.

Getting to Nana Entertainment Plaza

The easiest and cheapest way to get to Nana Entertainment Plaza is to get the BTS Skytrain and get off at Nana station on the Sukhumvit Line. Soi 4 is just a few minutes walk from the station.

When leaving Nana Entertainment Plaza late at night after the Skytrain has closed you will need to get a taxi or tuk-tuk. Late at night taxi drivers often refuse to use their meter so you may have to bargain for the fare. Remember late at night you can get across to anywhere in Bangkok for around 100 Baht if the taxi is using their taxi meter.

Nana Entertainment Plaza Bangkok

Hotels Near Nana's Entertainment Plaza

There are heaps of hotels within walking distance from Nana Entertainment Plaza. There is a choice of budget hotels, 3 star, 4 star and luxury 5 star hotels close to Nana Plaza. Check out these hotels close to Nana Plaza.

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