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Patong Beach is the most popular area of Phuket with heaps of things to see and do and lots of accommodation to suit all price ranges.

Patong Beach Phuket Thailand

Nightlife in Patong Beach

The main nightlife area of Patong Beach is Bangla Road and the many Soi (small streets) which run off Bangla Road. This area is packed with restaurants and bars and lots of girlie go-go bars.

Bangla Road Patong Beach Phuket

Night markets in Patong Beach

There are night markets located in front of the beach which has a large number of stalls selling a range of cooked foods like grill meats, sate sticks, fresh fruit, fried noodle dishes. There are also lots more stalls selling the usual stuff you find at Thai markets - cheap t-shirts, sunglasses, DVDs, CDs etc.

Patong beach night markets

Massage in Patong Beach

There are massage shops all over Patong Beach, infact it is hard to walk 50 meters without walking past a group of girls sitting outside a massage shop asking you if you want a massage. The prices for massage in Patong Beach are around the following:

Thai Massage 200 Baht for 1 hour

Foot Massage 250 Baht for 1 hour

Oil Massage 300 Baht for 1 hour

Face Massage 500 Baht for 1 hour

Aroma Massage 500 Baht for 1 hour

Creme Milk Massage 500 Baht for 1 hour

Sports Massage 600 Baht for 1 hour

Body Scrub 600 Baht


Foreign Currency Exchange at Patong Beach

There are heaps of Foreign Exchange offices throughout Patong Beach which offer good exchange rates to exchange your foreign money to Thai Baht. Just be careful when changing money at the foreign exchange offices close to Bangla Road late at night. When exchanging money, especially when the cashier thinks (or knows) you have been drinking they tend to forget to handover all the Baht that you have exchanged. When you pick up on this they just smile and say sorry. Very nice of them.

Foreign currency exchange Patong Beach Phuket


ATMs in Patong Beach

There are also heaps of bank ATM machines which accept foreign bank cards with Visa, Cirrus or Maestro. You do not have to walk far to find an ATM machine in Patong Beach Phuket.

Tourist Police in Patong Beach

There is a Tourist Police office right in Patong Beach so if you have any problems you can go there and they will assist you.

From Patong Beach to Phuket Airport

You can hire a taxi from Patong Beach to take you to the airport for around 600 baht. There are plenty of taxi services waiting on the sides of the streets all through Patong Beach. Your hotel will be able to organise a private car for anywhere from 700 Baht - 1200 Baht. The car trip from Patong Beach to Phuket airport will take 45 minutes late at night or very early in the morning. During the day and early evening the car trip will take over 1 hour.

There are also mini-buses you can get on to go to the airport. The mini-bus to Phuket airport costs 175 Baht per person.

Tsunami evacuation areas


All along the beach front in Patong Beach you will see blue Tsunami Evacuation Route Signs. These signs point in the direction and the distance to an area which has been designated for you to go to if there is a Tsunami warning.

Patong Beach Tsunami Evacuation Route sign


Free WiFi in Patong Beach Phuket


There are a heap of restaurants, cafes and hotels that offer free WiFi internet access.


Patong City government also offers free WiFi though the access is only available down close to the beach and around the Bangla Road area. The service is a bit slow and often drops out.




Last updated 26th June 2013


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