Rod Fai Night Market Bangkok

Rod Fai Night Market are the largest night markets in Bangkok. The market is an open-air market which started as a market for selling antiques and memorabilia. There are still a few stalls selling antiques like old Grandfather clocks and vintage radios and stereo equipment though the fast majority of stalls are now selling clothing.

As well as the thousands of stalls selling clothing, there are also heaps of stalls selling Thai street food. There are also some sit down restaurants located around the outside of the markets and on the road leading into the night market.

There are also loads of small bars selling a range of drinks including cocktails.

Rod Fai Night Market are open 4pm - 1am Thursday, Friday, Saturday night. Sunday the market is open from 4pm until midnight.

Rod Fai Night Market is located on the western edge of Bangkok, behind the Seacon Square Shopping Centre.

Rod Fai Night Market

There are loads of stalls selling shoes which look like the original brand like Air-Max, Adidas and Nike but all the shoes are 'genuine imitations'. They do look ok but made from cheaper materials but the prices are very cheap.

It is a fair distance to travel and the easiest way to get there is by taxi which will cost around 150 Baht.

You can also get a BTS Skytrain to On Nut Train Station and then get a taxi from there. It is easy to flag down a taxi from On Nut Station. The taxi ride from the station will cost around 75 Baht depending on traffic.

Located right down the back of Rod Fai Night Market are a collection of old vintage American cars including Cadillacs, Chevys and old pick up trucks.

Rip off brand name shoes at Rod Fai Night Market Bangkok Old vintage cars at Rod Fai Night Market Bangkok Street food at Rod Fai Night Market Bangkok

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