Sai Kaew Beach Koh Samet Island Thailand

Sai Kaew Beach (Hat Sai Kaew or Diamond Beach) is the most popular place to stay on Koh Samet Island. Also the longest beach on the island at 780 meters long, it also one of the widest beaches with loads of soft white sand.

Sai Kaew Beach is only 8 minutes walk from the main ferry pier (Samed Port) where the public ferries drop you off on the island.

At Sai Kaew Beach there are loads of beach resorts and budget accommodation just a short walk to the beach.

In front of all the beach resorts they have roped off sections in the water so you can swim without being run over by the constant flow of speedboats and jetskies.

The water off Sai Kaew Beach are calm most times of the year so perfect conditions for swimming.

Along the beach front there is always a line of speedboats waiting to take tourists for boat trips to the neighbouring islands for some swimming or snorkelling.

Mermaid Statue at Sai Kaew Beach Koh Samet

At the western end of Kai Saew Beach is a small headland with a nice statue of a mermaid. Just on the other side of this headland is the next beach called

There are a number of nice beach bars, mainly at the eastern end of the beach, which are great places to watch the sunset. There are also loads of cheap seafood restaurants with tables down on the sand.

The town centre of Sai Kaew Beach is only a few streets lined with massage shops, restaurants bars and a few 7-Eleven stores (2 directly opposite each other). At the cross road entrance to the beach their is a National Parks office with the officers standing there to collect the 200 baht entrance fee to the National park. Once you have bought your ticket make sure you carry the ticket with you at all times otherwise they will hit you up for another 200 baht fee.

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