Wat Bang Chak

Wat Bang Chak Thailand

Wat Bang Chak is a Buddhist Temple located on the Chao Phraya River around 45 minutes drive north of Bangkok. Wat Bang Chak is located in the Nonthaburi Province, just outside of Bangkok Province.

There are a number of interesting temples at Wat Bang Chak, the most important, the large Sitting Golden Buddha Statue located right next to the river.

Right behind the Wat Bang Chak temple is a large garden with hundreds of statues that depict the life of the Buddha. There are also loads of statues of the many Hindu Gods. Some Thai people, as well as being Buddhist, worship the Hindu Gods as the Buddha started his life as a Hindu.

There is no entrance fee to visit Wat Bang Chak.

Right out the front of Wat Bang Chak is a small ferry pier where you can get a small ferry across the Koh Kret, a small island in the middle of the Chao Phraya River. On Koh Kret are more than 20 temples, the most significant and interesting is Wat Paramaiyikawat which has the leaning Stupa, a large reclining Buddha Statue and the Phra Nonthamunin golden seated Buddha statue which a small statue but very important to local Thai people.

View of Wat Bang Chak from Koh Kret island

In January 2017, the Golden Buddha statue was going through some restorations. As you see in the pictures the statues is covered in scaffolding. This restoration should be completed in a few months time.

One of the busiest times to visit Wat Bang Chak is the Thai Festival of Loy Krathong which is held in November. During the day of Loy Krathong festival, thousands of people visit Wat Bang Chak from Bangkok to release a basket onto the river with some offerings like flowers, fruit and food. The releasing of these offerings onto the river protects the worshippers from bad spirits or bad luck throughout the year.

Statues depicting the life of Buddha at Wat Bang Chak Statues of Hindu Gods at Wat Bang Chak Statue of a Buddhist Monk at Wat Bang Chak

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